Well .. I have finally converted everything that was on my old non-blog HBSMC.com site into this blog format … everything, except for my LINKS page! I am either really lazy, or too busy to convert them to the blogroll format. I know I’ve got a lot of different links over at 1800HART.com/blog/ and there are some links that are dead on this page. As a solution, I just placed the link to the LINKS page in my blogroll in the sidebar.

Will there be regular posts in this blog?

Probably not. Consider this blog – as my business card for my bookkeeping and accounting and income tax business. Most of what happens within my HBS Management Consultants business (bookkeeping and income tax) will remain on 1800HART.com/blog/. Most of what happens within the HART-Empire Network, a division of HBS Management Consultants .. will occur on HART-Empire.com.


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    All invoices are due when presented.

    You may pay my invoices by either CASH, CHEQUE or credit card. For credit card options, in person, I offer SQUARE REGISTER in which, I swipe your credit card on a gadget attached to my smartphone. Alternatively, you may pay using your credit card (or bank) online via PAYPAL to: hart@PapillonLvr.com (i.e. HART@PAPILLONLVR.COM)

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