I create templates whenever I can .. to make my life easier. Occasionally, I upload them onto the internet and make them available to everybody that wants them. I include them in my other blog .. 1800HART.com/blog/ and you can always search the “Stuff For The Taking” Tagcloud in the sidebar.

At this point in time .. the following “Stuff For The Taking” that might be of interest to you is as follows:

* A “Typing Report” For The Taking
* “Capital Assets Amortization Schedule” For The Taking
* Futurama – How $0.93 at an average of 2 and a quarter percent over a period of 1000 years comes to…$4.3 billion
* How To Do A Statement Of Cash Flow
* Canadian Prime Rates since 1986
* 12 Days of Ascii Text XMas Art
* An “EXCEL SPREADSHEET” Template to Recap Your 2006 Invoicing
* Petty Cash Fund 101 – Top Five Tips – Template
* A “T1 Transit Memo” For The Taking
* An “Enclosure Letter” For The Taking
* Simplify Your Payroll Record Keeping
* Reconciling both your BANK and CASH accounts – Part II
* How To Post Accounting Columns In Your Blog
* Pre-Posting Schedule Template For The Taking

And ..

* HART’s Famous Pasta Salad Recipe

– This post will not be updated … please check the tagcloud over at 1-8-0-0-H-A-R-TStuff For The Taking


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