Well .. I tried to get rid of my Fax-To-Email service I used to have with MyTelus and have people fax me on my local phone number and All-In-One Fax machine .. but I’m sick of the two major problems it has affected me with:

(1) I have to turn on my fax – ugh

Clients and customers have to phone me first to send a fax as I have to turn on the fax machine. Although this sounds like a simple thing .. I’m not always available near a phone or I am on a different time zone. As such, some clients and customers have complained because they were standing next to a fax machine to fax me something and it was getting rejected. When they try to phone me, I never answered.

(2) I have to turn off my fax – oops

Most of the times, a client or customer will phone me and need to fax me something, but they will do it before lunch, or before the end of the day. In these cases, I turn on the fax machine and leave it on until I receive the fax documents. Sometimes, I will turn it on and go out and run some errands, or eat, or spend time with my wife .. and forget to turn it off. When clients or customers try to call me in this case, all they here is that annoying fax screeeech and unable to leave a message.

Here’s My New Fax Number

Fax: 1-888-HART-BOT

That’s right!
* 1-888-HART-bot
* 1-888-4278-268
* 1-888-427-8268

For local faxes sent to me by my clients and customers in Winnipeg, you still have to dial the “1” and “888” before this new fax number.

It’s cool, eh? I think it’s easy to remember and a keeper! My new fax-to-email is with MyFax.com


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