Please note that effective July 1, 2014 .. my hourly rate remain unchanged at $66.00 CDN per hour (since July 1, 2012).

These Rates Will Be In Effect Until June 30, 2015.

Rates may (or may not) be adjusted every July 1st … to be consistent with how I was maintaining my hourly rates in the Y2K decade!

I have chosen not to increase my rates this year, as I feel I am back to where I was in 2013 had I not suffered a brain trauma injury which gave me “Fourth Nerve Palsy” early 2013. Although I feel my quality of work had not decreased over the past year and a half, the quantity of time it would take me to complete a job was affected. I only bill for work I perform, however if I felt that there was a fair deal of extra delays as a direct result from my ability because I could only work half days or less, I have provided my clients with further discounts to account for time lost that could have and often would happen when one starts and stops a project more than is necessary.

I would also like to publicly thank all of my clients who had the patience with me over 2013 and 2014 even if they were directly or indirectly affected by my condition or not.


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    All invoices are due when presented.

    You may pay my invoices by either CASH, CHEQUE or credit card. For credit card options, in person, I offer SQUARE REGISTER in which, I swipe your credit card on a gadget attached to my smartphone.

    Online Payments: You may now conveniently pay any amount via our online payment center: