I am now able to accept a “mobile” option by the ability to accept credit card payments in person with the aid of my Smartphone and SQUARE. I have been approved with the SQUARE card reader and able to swipe credit cards anywhere anytime that I have my smartphone and the card reader with me. SQUARE accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. With this app, I am not committed to any monthly fees, although there is a fee per swipe, to me. I feel I needed the option to accept credit cards, because some local and out of town clients wished to pay their accounting bill with a credit card, but felt either uncomfortable or are not computer savvy enough to use Paypal. I am able to swipe cards in person, or manually record payment with the details of your credit card. For privacy and security reasons, however .. please do not email me any credit card information and always contact me via phone instead.

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And speaking of Paypal … for those of you who prefer to pay your accounting bill via Paypal .. I still accept Paypal payments. Just click the button below.


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    All invoices are due when presented.

    You may pay my invoices by either CASH, CHEQUE or credit card. For credit card options, in person, I offer SQUARE REGISTER in which, I swipe your credit card on a gadget attached to my smartphone.

    Online Payments: You may now conveniently pay any amount via our online payment center: