Please note that EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, HBS Management Consultants (HBSMC) and all operations and divisions that is part of HBSMC .. has ABANDONED the long-known vanity toll-free Fax line that I have had control of, since October 20, 2008 .. of 1-888-427-8268 (aka 1-888-HART-BOT). Basically .. I was using MYFAX.COM fax-to-email service which I will be […]

My new business cards have arrived this morning. I had decided to purchase the “Free” business cards from Vista Print. Basically, it’s free plus shipping and a small advertisement on the back, but I decided to up the price and double the quantities and add a back to the card and received 500 business cards. […]

I create templates whenever I can .. to make my life easier. Occasionally, I upload them onto the internet and make them available to everybody that wants them. I include them in my other blog .. and you can always search the “Stuff For The Taking” Tagcloud in the sidebar. At this point in […]

I’ve been using the AZZ Cardfile software for years now, and usually tend to recommend it to people that I know and my clients, if they are looking for something like this. It takes little memory, resides in your taskbar near your timeclock, and is quite versatile. It’s basically a cardex on the left side, […]

I’ve been using Easy Task Manager since about January 2007, as documented over on 1-800-HART. I pretty much like to keep it simple, so if I click on the top “Projects” I see everything. When the task is done, I click “Completed”. It stores the completed task in the calendar section, but honestly .. I […]


    All invoices are due when presented.

    You may pay my invoices by either CASH, CHEQUE or credit card. For credit card options, in person, I offer SQUARE REGISTER in which, I swipe your credit card on a gadget attached to my smartphone.

    Online Payments: You may now conveniently pay any amount via our online payment center:


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